at Sport Monz

Our many years of experience in ski racing, from the young generation to World Cup athletes has given us sufficient know-how and sensitivity to be able to provide the right atmosphere for every athlete and leisure skier. A ski, which turns easily with a precise, sharp edge and a well-prepared running surface are the prerequisites for a trouble-free, safe, enjoyable day of skiing. For many years now, Rob Hind has been a member of the Race Service Team and is always anxious to take account of the skiers' wishes and to guarantee a perfect individual skiing service.                                                                                       

The revolutionary Wintersteiger ceramic disc finish ensures a precision edge and therefore ease of turning, perfect hold and control on the slope.

Ski Service Rates 2023/2024

Services Prices in €
wax service cleaning, washing coating 7.00
hot washing cleaning, hot washing coating 13.00
wax impregnation cleaning coating, applying wax, 12 h treatment in the temper box remove and brush out 19.00
Top Service grind coating, grind structure clean coating, grind side edge (89°-87°), polish lower edge (0,5°-1,0° inclined) 25.00
Major Service improve coating grind structure,clean coating, grind side edge (89°-87°),polish lower edge (0,5-1,0) wax incline 38.00
Race Service grind surface + grind structure, process side edges by hand,race waxing and finish 58.00
grind surface + grind structure, side edges not processed by hand 28.00
Major Snowboard Service improve coating, grind edges and coating, tune edges, wax 40.00
Minor Snowboard Service Grind edges + coating, tune, wax 30.00
wax 8.00
hot wax 18.00
Fitting bindings plus reassembly 20.00